Field Artillery at work!

This film shows the members of the segregated 696 Field Artillery Battalion in action in Luxembourg; a patrol in deep in the Hurtgen Forest in Germany; and the efforts of combat engineers to neutralize an enemy bunker in Germany. All were shot within a day or two in November 1944. I’m constantly in awe of these young men and all they accomplished.

The film below was captured off of a “KEM” flatbed film viewer in the Research Rooms at the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (“NARA”) using a consumer level mirror-less camera. Many of the hundreds of thousand of film and video titles in the holdings of NARA remain un-described in the National Archives on-line Catalog. For this particular roll, a “shot card” description is publicly available, but only researchers in the physical research room can reproduce it. A professional media researcher adds value!

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